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Prevention and Proof. Proactive and Permanent.

All your accreditations, forever, in one place. Automatically run checks and get live notifications when accreditations expire, are suspended or revoked. Keep a permanent, secure and auditable record of all your safeguarding verifications.

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Check faster. Check more often. Prove it.

Working with Children Check (NSW, VIC, TAS, SA*, NT*, WA) | Blue Card & Blue Card Exemption (QLD) | Teacher Registrations (VIC, TAS, WA, QLD, NT, SA) | Australian Health Practitioners

*Expiry Management only until full integration is developed

There are many safeguarding accreditations around Australia designed to protect the vulnerable. Employment screening and Police Checks are a ‘point in time’ check. Accreditations that are continuously monitored remain the most effective at ensuring that the people who work with the vulnerable are safe to do so.

A better way to manage checks

With DutyofCare you can;

  • Check the current accreditation status of your entire workforce in less than 5 minutes.
  • Automatically check everyone, every week, with absolutely no increase to your workload.
  • Run real-time checks on the ground, so you can be assured that last minute substitute referee/coach/carer is safe to work with children.
  • Be notified when something needs your attention, like a revoked or expired card.
  • Have access to a permanent, accurate, tamper-proof audit trail.

We know that keeping on top of your workforce’s accreditations is just a small part of what you need to do to protect the vulnerable people in your care, but every little bit of rigour makes a difference.

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Using DutyofCare

Easy to use, cloud-based application that is compatible with all major web browsers, and can be used on computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets. This means you can be checking accreditations anywhere, anytime, in real-time.

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02. Upload your data

Add staff, volunteers and contractors who work with your organisation, and their card details. This can be done manually or by using our bulk upload feature, saving you even more time!

03. Configure your notification settings

Decide who needs to be notified about expiring, expired or invalidated accreditations, so that you can automatically get email notifications for these events.

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