COVID-19 - Free Community Offer

Thursday Mar 19, 2020

We all must do our bit to help out, wherever we can.

There are organisations across Australia who are stepping-up and supporting the most vulnerable people in our community. They require an army of staff and volunteers to deliver services, especially as their normal workforce becomes more restricted through social distancing measures.

We are pleased to offer for free, no strings attached, to any organisation who has a role to play in helping the community deal with this crisis.

There will be many new people making themselves available as volunteers and they all need to be screened to prevent further harm to the elderly or disabled people in our community. is a simple way to manage all of those accreditation checks.

How do I access this free offer?

Visit this page: and sign up. Once you’re logged in, send an email to with a short description of how your organisation is assisting in the community. We will update your account to remove any trial limits.

How long will this free offer last?

We will provide it free for as long as COVID-19 is officially a pandemic. After that our intention will be to re-assess and liaise with organisations who have taken up the offer and agree a path forward.

Is there a catch or any fine print?

We just want to do something to help the community. Our offer however, won’t include our permanent proof feature, or generated board report.

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