We celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day 2019

Thursday Aug 29, 2019

I was on the bus a few weeks ago when I overheard a young woman talking about how much she loved her job as an early childhood educator. My heart sang. I have a 2 year old son in childcare and although I often feel the guilt of leaving him in the care of others, what makes it bearable is knowing he’s in good hands.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I have no family living nearby so I’ve come to think of the early childhood educators as part of my village.

My husband and I regularly refer to what we know is being encouraged at childcare to foster his independence – like putting his dishes on the sink and washing his hands. And I know that on a daycare day, he’s eaten vegetables which is such a relief because it’s a struggle at home (thank goodness for social proof!). We constantly talk about the educators at home too, because they play such a big part of his life.

I’m so glad I get the opportunity through the Early Childhood Educators Day to officially thank the team at my son’s daycare centre for the exceptional care and learning environment they provide. I also wish a Happy Early Childhood Educators Day to all educators – I hope your kids and parents make you feel valued and appreciated. You deserve it!

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