Keeping children safe at childcare

Monday Apr 15, 2019

Can a Working with Children Check keep your child safe at day care?

Young child plays alone in sandpit

A Working with Children (WWC) Check assists in protecting children from sexual or physical harm by screening people who work with, or care for, children. The Check screens a person’s criminal record and any reports about their professional conduct. It’s a valuable tool in helping to keep your child safe but it’s not perfect.

Did you know that in Victoria a WWC Check is valid for 5 years? A lot can happen in 5 years. A Check can be suspended or revoked at any time if someone is charged with a criminal offence or professional misconduct that makes them a threat to the safety of children.

Registered teachers are exempt from WWC Check because they are subject to extensive criminal history screening and weekly monitoring by the Victorian Institute of Teaching. For everyone else, it’s up to their workplace to monitor their Working with Children Check.

Most organisations only verify someone’s WWC Check when they join the organisation and then when the Check expires up to 5 years later. This means that someone can have their WWC Check revoked and continue to have daily contact with children for years before their workplace finds out. That’s why, just to be safe, some childcare centres check their staff and volunteer WWC Checks every month.

How frequently does your child care centre verify staff and volunteer Working with Children Checks?
Share with your child care centre to help them improve their child safety through more frequent monitoring.

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