01. Continuous Verification and Notifications

"Regularly checking the validity of your workers’ credentials is a critical step to prevent harm"

In many cases, accreditations are only checked when somebody joins your organisation, or when the accreditation expires, which equates to about one check every 3-5 years. Despite this, the vulnerable people in your care have daily contact with your workers, many in unsupervised environments where there is a real risk of harm. With dutyof.care you can completely automate verifications as frequently as every week.

dutyof.care automatically and instantly checks that your workers have valid accreditations. Based on your preferred frequency, credentials are continuously re-verified. If one of your staff or volunteers has their accreditation cancelled or revoked, it is critical that you know as soon as possible so that you can immediately intervene.

When we detect that an accreditation has been revoked, we immediately notify your organisation through multiple channels. If that same person works for other organisations, they will also be notified immediately, regardless of which organisation performed the verification step.

02. Permanent Proof

"Leaders and governance bodies are accountable long into the future for ensuring they can prove that they did everything they can to prevent abuse"

After conducting a verification, dutyof.care records a permanent log of that verification event onto the blockchain. This creates an auditable trail of proof that your organisation has been proactive in fulfilling its duty of care in making vulnerable people safer.

The blockchain record holds NO personally identifiable information. It provides an immutable, tamperproof log of verification conducted by your organisation, providing you with peace of mind that your records are safe and secure now, and decades into the future.

03. Tailored to Your Needs

"No two organisations are the same, and risk management tools are most effective when they reflect your organisation’s unique needs"

dutyof.care is built for all contexts and organisational needs. Each organisation is structured and managed differently. The dutyof.care tagging system enables you to organise your constituent list to reflect your unique structure and how you like to manage people and risk. To minimise double handling, dutyof.care can also be integrated with your HR or CRM software.

The platform is expanding all the time, with additional accreditation types being added and new jurisdictions covered.

04. All-in-One Place

"Cracks in record-keeping are risks to both organisations and vulnerable people"

Keeping track of compliance across multiple accreditation types and jurisdictions, across all of your business units or services, is an administrative burden that costs your organisation time and money.

dutyof.care makes it much easier for you to have all your accreditation compliance managed in one central place, verified and stored in real-time, and easily updated as new staff or volunteers enter or leave your organisation.

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