Our story

DutyofCare originated from the very personal experience of Luke Benson, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who gave evidence in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

In 2015 Luke told the Commission how the institutions and safeguarding systems that should have protected him failed; how the perpetrators of the abuse used positions of authority and trust to circumvent the systems that should have kept him and other children safe.

As a young boy at boarding school, I endured a period of sustained sexual abuse by a boarding house tutor. Almost 30 years later, at the Royal Commission, I gave evidence about that experience, the ongoing impact, and I finally learnt the truth about the many failures in the school’s systems that let me and my friends down so badly.

Like many of the survivors who gave evidence, Luke was deeply re-traumatised by the experience. But from his distress came a determination and motivation to find a better way to protect others from harm.

Luke’s place of work, Blue Bike Solutions, has generously supported a small, passionate team of IT and social sector professionals to develop DutyofCare.

In 2018 duty of care released its BETA version to a small number of organisations who work with vulnerable people. Together with these organisations, we have continued to refine and expand duty of care to provide a more efficient and reliable means of managing Working with Children Checks and other professional accreditations.

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