Protect the trust vulnerable people place in your institution. Demonstrate your

Religious institutions in Australia play a key role in providing educational and social welfare services to many people. Priests, ministers, church elders, teachers, youth workers and others are trusted people who do amazing work in these settings.

Protecting that trust is more important than ever if faith-based organisations are going to continue their good work in Australia.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse highlighted occasions where governance standards in religious institutions have been inadequate. A common trend was that organisations had unclear accountabilities, interrelationships, and reporting lines.

“at the highest level it was observed that people who played multiple roles had conflicting duties of responsibility. ”

The Royal Commission recommended that institutions ensure their leaders are accountable to an appropriate authority or body, such as a board of management or council, with respect to vulnerable people’s safety.

Where does the accountability sit?

It is no longer good enough to rely on spreadsheets and paper. It’s not even good enough to have a system which merely manages the expiry date of accreditations. It is not the responsibility of your administrative resource to simply “take care of it”.

You are battling too much administration, your staff do not understand the Working with Children Check requirements, and you don’t know where to get help.

At, we make the safety of vulnerable people our priority. Future proof your institution against the growing trend towards increased accountability and responsibility towards the most vulnerable members of the community. can provide proactive prevention and permanent proof that you are doing everything you can to manage the safety of those who need it most.

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Technology meets compliance at is an affordable solution giving you the ability to report the status of your accreditation holders to your direct line of management (within your organisation) but also, the ability to report to your governing body (outside your organisation).

  • Cloud hosted SaaS platform
  • Affordable monthly, annual and enterprise subscriptions
  • Automates accreditation checks for your whole workforce
  • Proactively checks each week that everything is OK
  • Alerts you instantly if there’s an issue
  • Keeps permanent proof that your organisation is compliant
  • Summary Board Reports provide monthly assurance and reduce risk
  • Plugs into any system through an open API and provides a stream of real-time events

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National Principles for Child Safe Organisations

Standard #5: “People working with children and young people are suitable and supported to reflect child safety and wellbeing values in practice.

The 10 Child Safe Standards are the foundation of the Royal Commission’s proposed nationally consistent approach to child safety in institutions.

Are you certain that right now, you could prove with absolute confidence that all your volunteers and club officials have current valid accreditations and have not had criminal charges in process that you have not been notified of?

The platform writes evidence of checking to a permanent, independent appropriately secured log that literally cannot be tampered with. Any future audit can therefore quickly and confidently demonstrate what checks were conducted. There are other software products currently available on the market that monitor accreditation expiry dates, but none provide continuous monitoring of accreditation validity, provide real-time notifications of changes in accreditation status and create a permanent auditable record of verifications.

This is what our customers are saying

Southern Cross Kids Camps interrupts the cycle of abuse and neglect by conducting 5-day camping programs. Duty of Care has taken us to a new level in not only ensuring our volunteers are appropriately credentialed, but is saving us hours in doing so. We love partnering with Duty of Care to help keep kids safe! These guys are champions!
- Peter Lusk, General Manager Southern Cross Kids Camps, March 2020
Gymnastics in Australia is committed to the safety, wellbeing, and empowerment of all children accessing our programs and services, with signed commitment statements by the GA President and all member State and Territory Association presidents alongside a commitment statement co-signed by the Gymnastics Australia CEO and the Executive Directors of all State and Territory Associations. These two documents and the actions surrounding them along with our strategic alliance with combine to put Gymnastics Australia ahead of the curve for child safety and preventing harm.
- Brooke Irvine - National Child Safety Manager, Gymnastics Australia, April 2020
Our School is proud to partner with to strengthen the Working with Children Check framework and continue our journey towards exceptional child safety practices.
- Geelong Grammar School, August 2019

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