We often hear Principals say something like this:

“We’ve got it covered. There’s a process that already keeps our accreditations up to date in our HR system and we know when they expire”.

Possession of a physical card isn’t enough to be confident of a person’s legal standing. Working with Children Checks and Teacher Registrations can be revoked. Are you sure all your staff and volunteers are fit to work with children?


The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a high national benchmark for early childhood education and care.
Standard 7.1: Governance supports the operation of a quality service.

“What systems are in place to regularly check the currency and validity of working with children checks, teaching registrations, first aid qualifications and anaphylaxis and asthma management training?”

While all these accreditations have a validity period, the Working with Children Check and Teacher Registrations can be revoked. It’s not enough to simply monitor the expiry date.

Sports Clubs

Managing the recruitment of coaches and team managers at the grassroots level every year can be a daunting task let alone having to track everyone’s Working with Children Checks.

As a peak body association, how confident are you that your affiliate bodies are compliant?

What reasonable precautions do you need to put in place to deter child abusers from being a part of your club?

Disability Service Providers

The emerging national worker screening database will ensure registered NDIS providers are able to identify and minimise the risk of harm to adults and children living with a disability.

Systems for managing Working With Children Checks are either too simplistic, too archaic or too diverse. Can they adapt to meet tightened regulatory standards in the future? can help you streamline and strengthen your safeguarding and accreditation compliance systems, while greatly reducing risks and costs.

Faith Based Organisations

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse highlighted occasions where governance standards in religious institutions have been inadequate. Numerous case studies uncovered situations where there were unclear accountabilities, interrelationships and reporting lines.

At, we make child safety our priority. Future proof your institution against the growing trend towards increased accountability and responsibility towards the most vulnerable members of the community.

Aged Care

The burden on the community sector to comply with a growing number of accreditations and cards risks leading to a focus on attaining minimum compliance, rather than exceeding compliance to maximise safety and security of vulnerable people. performs continuous and ongoing real-time validation of Allied Health accreditations for individuals working with vulnerable people.

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