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This 1 minute video explains the how to get started.


VDOC Prizes and How to Play

This offer will run until the VDOC Token Pre-Launch is fully subscibed (end 'Phase 4').

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1 Point = 30 Free VDOC Tokens

Platform Points Action Taken Rules

1 Send a Tweet Your Twitter account has more than 100 followers

1 Post on Facebook Your Facebook account has more than 100 followers

1 Bitcointalk signature Points per 'click' - Max. 2pts per day

2 LinkedIn Article/Share Your account must have a minimum of 25 connections

3 Reddit Post Account must have minimum 50 Karma

4 Podcast Mention/Discussion Podcast listed on iTunes

5 Blog Post - Medium or SteemIt Minimum 250 words

6 Video Review of VDOC Minimum 2 minutes

Here's some official VDOC content to help get you started.

You can share these with your network as well as creating your own new content to share.